STRAKON 2019 64 Bit must be installed!

Download and Installation

  1. Click the STRAKON2019-x64SP1.exe file and the Save command.
  2. Select the directory in which you want to save the file.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click on the saved file STRAKON2019-x64SP1.exe and follow the installation instructions.

Extract of the revised topics and innovations

Revised topics

  • Moving "Section > Points" works again
  • Modify section - Rebar: The offered corrections are working again.

2D design
  • Dimensions: Global correction of arc and angle dimensions works correctly again; "Move individually free" of an angle dimension text is possible again.
  • Hatching: Open polygons can be hatched again with standard or pattern hatching.
  • Reference target view: Overlain reinforcement texts no longer have a red background color.
  • Solidobjects: release into the plan as 3D view is possible again

3D design
  • Create Flex-Part: Selection of the generation type is again possible.

  • The display "Origin of the local coordinate system" is always in the dimension "meter".
  • Edit components: Only component points for moving points are searched and found.
  • Cube-Wall: Change of layer thickness is possible again

3D views
  • Labels with background colors from labeling templates are again in front of the background color when printing in PDF.
  • Update View: Manually changed pen thicknesses are retained; dimension texts of meshes are updated correctly; position angle of the label is retained.
  • Corrections of erroneous representations in the engineer’s view
  • Various other editings

  • Various causes for incorrect number of meshes and rebars removed
  • Rebar: in certain constellations, correction of the item number no longer leads to loss of the bending form.
  • Copy reinforcement: Change of reference point works again
  • 3D reinforcement view: Meshes are recognized and displayed
  • PXML: All design meshes are optionally delivered again; curved mats are rotated to the longest leg for delivery; etc.

  • Solid wall: The "electrical box" embedded part again has the counting factor >0 in the element drawing.
  • Double wall: joint in the outer shell separates the wall correctly
  • Slab in Elements: as-values can be changed again during laying, now via the "Global" selection.
  • Various other editings

  • 3D embedded part: The specification of a sample property, e.g. assembly part yes/no, is now remembered.
  • Steel construction: No more error messages when drawing U-profiles
  • Load segment with pictures: Images contained in the target plan are no longer deleted.
  • Polygon administration: values of existing polygons are no longer set to 0

  • Print: For rotated plans with overlain text, the overlain background is rotated correctly.
  • Import DWG: Vertical dimensions are imported again; UTM coordinates are now transformed into Gauß-Krüger and imported.
  • Export DWG: WCS coordinates are output correctly again
  • Causes of various program crashes and error messages removed

Various other editings

New in Service Pack 1

  • Flex-Parts: Change common type data of different Flex-Parts (also possible via administration of Flex-Parts)
  • Cube reinforcement:
    • In the "Middle" selection mode, you can select and move or delete individual bars of a laying.
    • Create rebar: New function "Insert" for inserting and laying standard bending forms.
    • An item comparison is now performed within the cube.
  • Save components: Optionally, you can define a coordinate system for the component at the reference point.
  • Save Flex-Part: The tooltip automatically displays the maximum dimensions in X/Y-Z direction. The associated variables "BoundingBox..." etc. are available in the type data.
  • Export in drawing as image: right click for export of the current zoom section
  • Module "Form boards": You no longer have to turn the component to the filling side for the substructure.

3D views
  • Correction section box:
    • You can activate the "Display objects" function in the project structure and thus switch individual objects on/off.
    • The section layer of the 3D view is displayed and can be moved in position.
  • Settings:
    • New option for the status message: "Prompt to update affected 3D views".
    • New option for hidden section areas: "Also behind hatched section areas".
    • New option for derived section (new section): "Import visible objects for derived sections".
  • New section - Sectioning line: Text correction of the section name possible. I.e. identifying the section line with "Alt+C" corrects both section texts, "U" or "C" on the section text corrects only this one section text.

  • CAD data: Copy Flex-Part with KON file (shop drawing)

Schedules on the drawing
  • Object schedule: Revised and new templates (part type, project structure) for the schedules on the drawing and according to Office
  • Schedule embedded parts: New function "Model references" in the function tool bar for activating/deactivating the embedded parts of a model reference.

  • Master data: Separate paths for 3D embedded parts "External with link" and "External into project".
  • STRAKON icon bar: New function "traffic light" for displaying the update status as well as updating 3D views:
    Green = All ok
    Yellow = Something was changed in the Cube at the moment
    Red = After changes, the plan was saved or changed without updating the view
  • When creating a new workspace, the directory "external-properties" is created automatically (see description "STRAKON 2019 Datenaustausch ERP").
  • Command "@569" for the correction in case of discrepancy of the number between bar/mesh extract or list to the actually laid reinforcement.
  • If no activation/dongle is active, you can call the dongle test in addition to the "Viewer mode" and "Unlock modules".
  • Manual: New description "STRAKON 2019 Datenaustausch ERP".