STRAKON 2019 incl. SP1 64 Bit must be installed!

Download and Installation

  1. Click the STRAKON2019-x64SP1Patch3.exe file and the Save command.
  2. Select the directory in which you want to save the file.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click on the saved file STRAKON2019-x64SP1Patch3.exe and follow the installation instructions.

Extract of the revised topics

  • Modify section - texts: The "Overlain" option is now automatically switched off after the correction.
  • Undo in current function: Can now be used again in the bar steel function without counting errors.

  • Meshes:
    • The laying via SmartClick on the main view now shows the correct position/alignment of the mesh in the cube.
    • In the position comparison the mesh type is now considered again.
    • The switch position "Overlain" is now remembered during laying and correction.
    • Circular design meshes can now be used for 3D reinforcement and PXML data export.

3D views
  • Marking lines of embedded parts are now carried along during displacements.

  • Print PDF: The elements belong to the layers correctly again.
  • Export IFC: Hidden embedded parts are no longer exported to an IFC file.

  • FEM: For very small values of network points, the value for the basic reinforcement is displayed correctly again.
  • Infor:
    • Lattice girders are no longer grouped together, but delivered individually.
    • From-to-Bars are now delivered with their individual lengths.
    • Delivery of the article number of the element

  • Publish - CPIXML: The options "Embedded parts etc." are now correctly implemented.