STRAKON 2020 must be installed!

Download and Installation

  1. Click the STRAKON2020Patch5.exe file and the Save command.
  2. Select the directory in which you want to save the file.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click on the saved file STRAKON2020Patch5.exe and follow the installation instructions.


Revised themes for Patch 5

(Administrative) Drawing administration
  • Edit drawing data: Edited data is immediately displayed in drawing administration.

2D design
  • Clothoids: Axis from IBM files are now correctly read and placed as clothoids.

  • Cube reinforcement: free bending shapes with >2 legs can be created again
  • Embedded part profile:
    • For Flex-Parts with integrated embedded part profile the embedded part position number remains the same when restarting STRAKON.
    • Insert - 3D embedded part: In the project schedule the position numbers of the embedded part profiles which are integrated in Flex-Parts are now also offered for selection.
    • Edit Flex-Part: Position corrections of embedded part profiles now possible
    • Correct positioning when inserting into a Flex-Part and thus listing in the embedded parts schedule on drawing

Embedded parts
  • Embedded part profile: Correct output of item numbers, also with sub-items, and different data in the tooltip
  • Embedded part list
    • Drawing schedule now also includes the option "Model references" for embedded part profiles.
    • Assembly schedule: Correct output of the schedule when printing the drawing

  • DWG export: Incorrect color hatching is now ignored during export.
  • CPI XML: 3D reinforcement is written to the CPIXML file again.
  • XML schedule on the drawing: The decimal places now match the default from the XML template.


Revised themes for Patch 4

  • Drawing administration: 3D preview is displayed correctly.
  • Print: 3D PDF files are generated correctly again.
  • 3D reinforcement: Lengths of bars with zero legs are correctly output on the SIA cover sheet.
  • DWG import: Correct import of files with multiple layouts.
  • DWG export: Dimensions are output with the correct position.
  • DWG export: Drawing is no longer output moved.
  • Unitization: When printing and publishing element drawings, the correct element schedules are output.
  • Publish Flex-Part Unitechnik: The maximum dimensions are output correctly.
  • 3D views: The replacement representation of a embedded part in a embedded part is displayed correctly again.
  • 3D views: The center of gravity in a view is again only displayed by the visible objects.
  • Rebar: Extension lines of layings are extended again on the correct side.
  • Meshes: For mesh representations of counted mesh main views, the number is calculated correctly again during a text correction if Original Text is selected.
  • Cube reinforcement: The cube reinforcement, which is contained in embedded parts, is displayed in the views again.
  • 3D views: The names of the labeling templates are shortened if they are more than 15 characters long. The function supplement is then displayed in full.
  • Empty drawings no longer contain an automatic world coordinate system.
  • With the function "Save as" and selecting the same file name, the existing GUIDs are retained.
  • Bridge construction: Bug fixes and extensions
  • Cube: In the origin of the project coordinate system, the z coordinate is now also taken into account when importing DGM files, for example.
  • Interfaces: Embedded parts profiles are transferred to the CPIXML file.
  • Meshes: Correct specification of the number in the mesh reprensentation.
  • Meshes: A manually entered number in the mesh reprensentation is no longer overwritten by the number in the count view and main view.
  • Import / Export: Hatching is correctly imported again during DWG import, so that re-exporting as a DWG file works.


Revised themes for Patch 3

  • The correct Flex-Part is used again in the shop drawing from the library.
  • CPI XML: Data of the 3D embedded parts are simply written to the file and the properties are also transferred.
  • 3D embedded parts: When moving an insert as a displacement object, the area is calculated correctly.
  • For plans with rotation angle the reinforcement lists are printed correctly again.
  • Labels of wall openings keep their position after updating the view. Note: The position must be corrected again.
  • Cube: Embedded part profiles can also be inserted externally into the project.
  • Flex-Parts are displayed in 3D views again.
  • Cube: Intersections between lines/arcs can be captured again.
  • The billable embedded parts list is printed again in PDF files.
  • Meshes: With Modify section > Global the correct dialog opens again.
  • Meshes: The number for counted mesh representation is saved correctly again.
  • Meshes: Correct writing of the individual mesh for the global cutout correction.
  • Embedded part profiles: All user-defined text variables are transferred into the description text of the embedded part list.
  • Embedded parts: A permanent position comparison for variables with other units than the standard unit "cm" has been eliminated.
  • Item drawing: Correct display of the clamping direction arrow when correcting the position number or symbol.
  • Cube: The building structure is adopted when importing IFC references.
  • 3D embedded parts: The position number of a 3D embedded part is correctly adopted when installing it into a Flex-Part.
  • Rebars: Crash when creating a bar representation for certain iron shapes removed.
  • Incorrect display in 3D views fixed.
  • Interfaces: Take over drawing texts are expanded correctly.
  • Cube: Reinforcement connected to hidden 3D view edges is displayed correctly in the Cube again.
  • Meshes: If the pen for the dimension text is changed to NPLO, the entire count view is displayed in NPLO.


Revised themes for Patch 2

  • Object loss when importing models from STRAKON 2019 to STRAKON 2020 fixed.
  • Error message "Unhandled exception ..." when double clicking on various objects removed.
  • Boolean operations no longer leads to defective objects.

3D embedded parts
  • Opening the view setting of a embedded part profile no longer creates an SMD file.

  • PPC: The PPC data during saving will be recreated even if bar representations of rebars are missing.

  • You can reinstall external files.

  • Rebar: Total weight in reinforcement schedule and output to Office are the same again.
  • Project steel totals: Cube reinforcement is now considered, even if no 3D reinforcement is available.

Drawing data
  • The value for "piece" is correctly transferred to the shop drawing again. For this purpose, please save all plans of the model references once, so that these are generated again, as well as all plans in which the model references are loaded.

New in Patch 2

  • New option "Smooth edges" for terrain models in the object data


Revised themes for Patch 1

3D views of flex component with built-in components
  • The position of the built-in parts in the 3D view is displayed correctly again after the Flex part has been moved in the Cube and the 3D view has been updated.
  • The position of built-in parts from a model reference is displayed correctly after opening the plan in STRAKON 2020.
  • Built-in parts including labeling are displayed in the 3D view again.