What Is buildingSMART?

buildingSMART (formerly known as "International Alliance for Interoperability" - IAI e.V.) is an international non-profit organization (Made in Germany) that focuses on the promotion and use of open and interoperable data standards for the construction industry. The organization works to improve communication and collaboration within the industry and to increase efficiency in the construction process through the use of digital technologies.

buildingSMART supports the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the use of open data standards for modeling and the exchange of information between the different actors in the construction process. The organization also works to develop guidelines and best practices for using BIM and data standards, and regularly organizes events and training to raise awareness of these issues.

The aim of buildingSMART is to promote comprehensive, integrated and efficient cooperation in the construction process by facilitating and improving the use of digital technologies and open data standards.

DICAD Systeme GmbH is a member of buildingSMART.

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