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Architecture overall planning with STRAKON

The CAD software STRAKON offers you in the field of architecture:
  • Visualization with textures, shadow representation and central perspective for optimal project presentation
  • virtual inspection of the 3D/BIM project
  • 3D/BIM input and execution planning
  • free design of individual objects
  • automated symbolic representation in the 3D plans after derivation from the 3D model, e.g. symbolic representations of openings
  • automated labeling of 3D plans from data of the 3D model
  • Integration of various expansion objects from BIM databases
  • 3D room planning incl. room stamp and room evaluation
  • Modelchecker integrated to compare different IFC models
  • BCF communication in the BIM process
  • Quantity take-off (according to VOB)
  • great addition for structural engineers who work as general planners
  • visual plans through automatic image underlay for views with textures
  • Working in the architectural model and in the structural model in ONE model in a team with different visibility
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