Program Downloads

Here you can find current STRAKON patches as well as downloads for drivers, viewers etc.

3D Embedded Parts

Here you can find 3D embedded parts in STRAKON format from various embedded part manufacturers. You can copy these embedded parts catalogs into your STRAKON environment and use them immediately without having to make any further settings.

STRAKON Textures

Download images here, such as matrices from various manufacturers. You can open these in STRAKON in the texture administration as an image and use them immediately in the surfaces and material administration.

Sandwich Anchor Dimensioning

On the following page we have compiled further links to various manufacturers of dimensioning software for sandwich anchor systems that are controlled by STRAKON.

DICAD Calendar 2023 in PDF format

DICAD Calendar 2023 - DIN A0 File size 1,84 MB

DICAD Calendar 2023 - DIN A1 File size 21,92 MB

DICAD Calendar 2023 - DIN A2File size 12,59 MB

DICAD Calendar 2023 - DIN A3File size 7,21 MB

DICAD Calendar 2023 - DIN A4File size 4,2 MB