STRAKON – The BIM-CAD Software for Civil Engineering, Building Construction and Precast Construction for Structural Design

STRAKON is a 2D / 3D / BIM CAD system for structural design. The focus is on formwork and reinforcement planning. You can create 2D or 3D plans. You can edit the project in BIM (Building Information Modeling) or only in 3D or 2D. The designer or project manager can decide within a project which method is required or useful. As changes during the phase of planning and construction are very common, a high degree of modification comfort is very important. Furthermore, cooperation with many project participants via fast electronic data transfer is absolutely essential. STRAKON allows you to communicate digitally with all project partners such as contractors, architectsa, structural engineers, MEP-planners, construction companies, etc. BIM in particular requires good interfaces in structural design, where formwork and reinforcement plans play a central role. Here IFC, CPIXML or 3D PDF offer a very good standard.

STRAKON in the BIM Process

With STRAKON you are excellently positioned in the field of formwork and reinforcement planning for the future. BIM is in increasing demand by both the public and the private sector. It is therefore important that a CAD system can be optimally integrated into BIM process chains in terms of formwork and reinforcement. The decisive factor here is that BIM should offers advantages for your office – in this case STRAKON can support you very well. DICAD is a member of buildingSMART and the structural design group and is actively working on changing planning methods a 3D/BIM processes.

STRAKON Not Only for Structural Engineers

The focus of planning with STRAKON is in the field of formwork and reinforcement planning in 2D, 3D and BIM. With STRAKON you can work on different specialist fields. A structural engineer will find that STRAKON idealy supports his point of view when it comes to Structural engineering, civil engineering, bridge construction, precast construction, semi construction and much more. But STRAKON can also be used for process in the fields of architecture, steel construction, timber construction etc. STRAKON is therefore a tool that specializes in structural design, but also includes other specialist areas.

The rapidly growing number of STRAKON users shows that STRAKON is gaining more and more approval and becoming the standard system. Let us show you in a live presentation what advantages STRAKON could already offer you today.
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