Formboards Formwork Construction (DE)

Automation is being advanced in precast factories. As formwork construction is very complex, more and more precast factories are having the formwork boards produced using a 5-axis milling machine. STRAKON supports this trend with the formwork module. The formwork is automatically generated from own or IFC-read 3D parts. This data is then transferred to a milling machine software for processing.

Videos - BIM CAD Software STRAKON

Construction Engineering / Structural Design

Reinforcement directly in the 3D BIM model – THE BIM reinforcement design of the future
Project Model in In-situ Concrete Construction Structural Design (DE)
BIM Bridges and Tunnel Designer
BIM CAD Reinforcement Planning 3D
Excavation Pit, Terrain Model, Excavation, Slope - BIM CAD Processing (DE)
Wall and Slab In-Situ Concrete
3D Planning with 2D PDF Template (DE)
Round 3D Funnel Reinforcement (DE)
Reinforcement 3D in STRAKON (DE)
BIM Model in Solid and Steel Construction (DE)

Prefabricated Construction

Schöck Isolink Integration for Sandwich Walls (DE)
Sandwich wall modelling, 3D embedded parts, 3D reinforcement (DE)
3D Balcony Modeling (DE)
Formboards Formwork Construction 3D Balcony (DE)
Constructive Precast Elements 3D Facade (DE)
Halfen sandwich anchor design
Formboards Formwork Construction 3D Staircase (DE)
Staircase Shopdrawing (DE)

BIM Planning

BIM Catalogs PlugIN - Load BIM Objects directly into STRAKON (DE)
Visualization of BIM projects (DE)
Model Check and 3D Collision Control
Open BIM Process for Structural Engineers (DE)
BIM Gap Planning Structural Engineers (DE)

STRAKON Tutorial – First Steps

Project Model in In-situ Concrete Construction Structural Design (DE)
Title Block
Objects Extrude Areas
Scales in the plan - Segments
Plan output - List output - Print - File output (DE)
Reinforcement 2D-3D-Cube - BIM Reinforcement Planning (DE)
From 3D model to 3D plan
Wall and Ceiling
User interface - New plan - Drawing data
Colors - Pens - Toolbar (DE)
Quickbox (Favorits) (DE)
Lines - Texts - Stamp - Symbols (DE)
Dimensioning - Datum Levels
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