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What Distinguishes Modern CAD Software for Prefabrication?

Modern CAD software for prefabrication planning should contain many functions that are oriented towards prefabrication construction. These are planning and production processes that should be taken into account sequentially.

For structural prefabricated projects, 3D maps and shop drawings should be related so that no errors can occur. Free and fast modeling of finished parts should be easily possible. The use of series factors must also be taken into account in the structural precast parts software. A convenient and quick 3D reinforcement design, with the possibility of rapid duplication, is a basic requirement.

The prefabrication benefits from software that supports working with embedded parts well. This ranges from the provision of the embedded parts by the manufacturer, directly in the appropriate software format, to a rapid generation of special components, to flexible positioning and summation.

In the semi precast part software, various product groups, such as double walls, solid walls, isowalls, but also floor slabs, should be able to be planned automatically. Modern software for the prefabrication sector must also be able to supply data to production, mat welding systems, bending machines, master computers, lasers and circulation systems. BIM data exchange with ERP systems for billing and work preparation should also be integrated. If a CAD software for precast part can also cover formwork construction with control of milling machines, all tasks would be covered in the prefabrication.

This is exactly what we deliver with STRAKON. STRAKON enables you to work quickly and comfortably on all tasks that a prefabricated plant has in the CAD area. The application of BIM is also very well possible in the planning processes.

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What Does Working in a BIM Project Actually Look Like?

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How Does Precast Part Planning Change?

Planning for precast part has changed considerably in recent years and planning methods have evolved. Today, for example, structural precast part projects are mostly planned 3D, as the benefits of this planning method are overwhelmingly good. Automation, e.g. mat welding systems, circulation systems, lasers or formwork milling machines, in structural prefabricated plants is increasing. BIM data exchange between CAD and ERP systems is becoming increasingly important in order to digitize processes.

Pressure is growing in the semi-prefabricated sector - production planning for double walls, solid walls, isowalls or floor slabs needs to be continuously automated and more efficient.

Here too, the requirements for a CAD system are increasing. For larger orders, it is increasingly important to track the overall project in a 3D model. This helps to avoid many errors that have a positive impact on the balance sheet of the project. More and more clients are entering that want to use BIM to carry out their projects. This includes converting 3D models automatically into precast part and production data via IFC.

STRAKON is the BIM CAD software for the whole prefabrication. Here, large companies with complex turnkey projects are as excellently positioned with STRAKON as smaller prefabricated plants that supply only certain product groups. With this tool you are optimally equipped for the future for all requirements of a modern prefabricated plant.

STRAKON – The BIM Software for Prefabricated Part Planners

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Three Good Reasons for This Precast Part Planning Software

Plan Precast Part in Software of Any Kind - Also in a Team

Processing everything in one CAD software increases flexibility in the technical office and saves costs. Precast part must be tuned exactly in the project so that it does not enter assembly failures. Therefore, it is important that the entire planning team keeps an eye on the overall project at all times. The model can be complemented by IFC models from other project partners.

High Level of Change Convenience

The planning during construction requires constant changes. These are easy and efficient to carry out at all points in STRAKON. Models and drawings are thus adapting quickly to the new situation.

Focus on a Fast Input

STRAKON is a practical CAD system for the prefabrication and also software for the structural engineer. The functions in STRAKON are tailored to a rapid project processing.

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After a few days or weeks, a further training should take place in which in-depth knowledge is imparted. Depending on the scope, this will take one day.

Hotline – Competent and Quick Help

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Collaboration for Life

We are interested in walking together with you. Many conversations, user meetings, customer emails and joint meetings help both sides to develop. It is of the utmost importance that you use STRAKON to the full extent and that your office is constantly evolving.

It is of particular interest for DICAD to get in touch with you in order to receive and implement your wishes and ideas from the practice for the further development of STRAKON.

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