Precast concrete design: Visualization
Precast concrete design: Visualization
Precast planning: Building
Precast planning: Building
Precast planning: Beam 3D
Precast planning: Beam 3D

Structural Precast Planning with STRAKON

The CAD software STRAKON offers you:
  • offer planning, position planning, overview planning, shop drawings, production planning, assembly planning
  • fast, modern and economical planning of design, formwork and reinforcement
  • 3D overview models linked to 3D Shop drawing plans
  • associative 3D plans for quick changes and coherence in the project
  • reinforcement linked to formwork edges for automated corrections
  • automatic collision control
  • columns, beams, frost protection, sandwich walls, fire walls, shafts, stairs, balconies
  • formwork module linked to 5-axis milling machine
  • staircase module
  • transfer of production data for master computer, mesh welding systems, bending machines, lasers, etc. (Unitechnik, PXML, BVBS)
  • 2D and BIM interfaces to ERP and production controlling systems like Betsy, Gesys, Priamos, Softbauware, Dr. Strauch, I-TWO ...
  • automatic labelling of precast parts
  • 2D and 3D inserts and online mount part catalogues
  • automatic link to sandwich anchor calculation software (Philipp, Pfeifer, Schöck, Halfen)
  • automatic lists of precast parts and inserts
  • STRAKON is the German market leader in precast construction planning
  • BIM planning according to buildingSMART rules
  • 3D planning with the "STRAKON Cube" technology
  • very high modification comfort
  • multiple users for a project at the same time
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