Which Data Exchange Formats supports STRAKON

With STRAKON, structural engineers are perfectly integrated into planning process chains. Thus, every structural engineer can optimally carry out their tasks with STRAKON and a multitude of interfaces enable networking with other project partners. Nowadays, BIM (Building Information Modeling) plays an important role in the decision for new software. STRAKON is well positioned in this field and enables a smooth project flow via BIM interfaces (IFC, CPIXML, topographical models .).

Conventional interface formats such as DWG, PDF, Measurement Data, Office Data, BVBS, Unitechnik and many more are also very well supported.

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Here you will find an overview of possible data exchange with STRAKON:

  • CAD systems via DWG or HPGL
  • BIM process chain via IFC or CPIXML
  • BIM communication via BCF and BIMcollab integration
  • BIM libraries via BIMcatalogs.net from Cadenas
  • Exchange of plans via PDF
  • Project presentations with 3D-PDF
  • 3D printer via OBJ
  • Office - MS-Excel, MS-Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice
  • Graphic import and export via PNG, JPG, BMP etc. (also in print quality e.g. 300dpi)
  • Design - 2D and 3D sandwich wall anchors from HALFEN, PHILIPP, PFEIFER, Schöck etc.
  • Precast part production via Unitechnik data - master computer, laser, pallet, stack etc.
  • Mould making – formwork planks via XML to milling machines (NC-Hops, COBUS ConCept)
  • Calculation interface (BIM-IFC/ 2D results from FEM) - frilo, mb, InfoGraph, PCAE, Sofistik, Tornow, D.I.E., Dlubal, RIB etc.
  • ERP, Production Planning Controlling and estimation systems (3D-BIM/2D) - Betsy, Gesys, Priamos, Infor, I-TWO, Strauch, SOFTBAUWARE etc.
  • Various manufacturers of component parts via 3D and 2D interfaces (HALFEN, PHILIPP, PFEIFER, Hilti, Schöck etc.)
  • Reinforcement data for bending/welding machines via BVBS, Unitechnik or PXML
  • Topographical model via REB, OKSTRA, LandXML
  • Surveying data - world coordinates, roadways, gradients, D40, D21 etc.
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