Semi precast parts planning
Semi precast parts planning
Semi precast parts with balcony
Semi precast parts with balcony
Semi precast parts with staircase
Semi precast parts with staircase

Semi Precast Parts Planning with STRAKON

The CAD software STRAKON HFT from DICAD and bauBIT offers you:
  • automated, flexible and simple planning of double walls, floor slabs, solid slabs, isowalls, solid slabs, air-conditioned ceilings
  • automated creation of single sheets
  • automated placement of lattice girders, reinforcement, embedded parts and shear girders
  • creation of production data for host computer, laser, mesh welding machines, automatic bending machines
  • 2D and BIM interfaces to ERP and PPS systems such as Betsy, Infor, Gesys, Priamos, Softbauware, I-TWO ...
  • comfortable 3D stacking and pallet assignment
  • planning of semi precast parts and structural precast parts as well as in-situ concrete in one project to avoid coordination errors
  • automated creation of e.g. double walls from IFC files
  • one software for semi precast parts, structural precast parts, in-situ concrete, detailed design, approval planning as well as visualization
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