Insulated wall
3D staircase
3D stacking and pallet layout

Unitized Precast Parts Planning with STRAKON

The CAD software STRAKON offers you:
  • automated planning of double walls, filigran slabs, insulation walls, solid slabs, air-handling ceilings
  • automatic generation of shop drawings
  • free work in the shop drawing
  • automated installation of girders, basic reinforcement, 3rd reinforcement layer, mount parts and lattice girders
  • generation of production data for master computer, laser, mesh welding systems, automatic bending machines
  • 2D and BIM interfaces to ERP and production controlling systems like Betsy, Gesys, Priamos, Softbauware, Dr. Strauch, I-TWO ...
  • convenient 3D stacking and pallet modul
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