3D reinforcement
Perspective representation with texture
Fast editing of the cut model

Formwork and Reinforcement Planning with STRAKON

The CAD software STRAKON offers for structural designers:
  • fast, modern and economical design of construction, formwork and reinforcement
  • reinforcement planning with automatic bar representation, lists and files for data transfer
  • associative reinforcement resulting in automated corrections
  • automated plan generation from the 3D model
  • associative 3D plans for quick changes and consistency in the project
  • automatic sections and ground plan views (engineering view)
  • automatic hatching of cut surfaces, view surfaces and rising parts
  • breakthrough planning with project partners
  • automatic breakthrough, opening and 3D object labeling in the plan
  • the world's best CAD system for concrete reinforcement
  • BIM planning according to buildingSMART rules
  • sophisticated IFC interface (2x3, 4.0) for integration into a BIM process chain
  • automatic and individual evaluable data on 3D objects (material, position, volume, release, fire resistance classes, degree of reinforcement ...)
  • 3D planning with modern "STRAKON Cube" technology
  • fast and understandable 3D modelling
  • 2D planning fast and reliable
  • various interfaces to project partners
  • very high modification comfort
  • beautiful professional 2D or 3D plans as a result
  • automatic error checking in modelling and reinforcement planning
  • 2D and 3D embedded parts
  • multiple designers for one project at the same time
  • world coordinates
  • topographic models
  • straight and spiral staircases and ramps
  • roadways, gradients, clothoids, polynomials, splines
  • buidling construction, construction engineering, civil engineering, industrial construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, power plant construction, structural precast parts, unitized precast parts
  • steel construction in 2D with design and variants and 3D via STAHLBAU 3D - VirtualSteel
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