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What Distinguishes Modern CAD Software for Bridge Construction?

Modern CAD software for the bridge construction should be able to master the design with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) method. Infrastructure construction is increasingly being planned using the BIM method. A bridge construction program is advantageous which has a parametric input of the bridge superstructures and the bridge substructures. In this case, even more complex geometries, such as changes in transverse inclination, changes in cross section, widening, branching or vouching, must be taken into account automatically. Reading in digital terrain models and electronic path data is also required, as well as taking world coordinates into account.

A good plan generation with winding and curve sections, a bridge-typical representation of abutments as well as the create of height tables should be derived automatically from the 3D bridge model. In order to provide planning performance up to execution, the CAD software for bridge construction must also have efficient and adaptable reinforcement planning. In addition, a modern CAD program for bridge planning should also allow users to collaborate with their colleagues on a project at the same time.

This is exactly what we deliver with STRAKON. STRAKON accompanies you from design to execution with intelligent and parameterized functions in the bridge construction. STRAKON is a BIM tool for structural engineers - you can easily process your bridge projects using the BIM method, read corresponding data and deliver them to the client in IFC format.
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Experience in Action – Bridge Construction Software

BIM Bridges and Tunnel Designer - Parametric Design

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Design, Modeling, Scarfing and Reinforcement Design Also beyond the Bridge Construction in One Software

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How Is Planning for Bridges Changing?

The planning work for bridge planners has changed considerably in recent years and planning methods have evolved. For example, building information modeling (BIM) is increasingly used in modern projects. It is important here that the software is familiar with BIM and can communicate well with project partners.

STRAKON is the BIM CAD software for bridge planning. With this tool you equip your office optimally for the future.

STRAKON – THE BIM Software for Bridge Planners

Main Functions:

  • Parameterized bridge planning with the bridge/tunnel designer
  • Individually automated planning of bridge superstructures also with cross-lean changes, cross-sectional changes, widening, branching, vouching
  • Fast individual modeling of objects of any kind
  • Reading digital terrain models in the format RIB, OKSTRA, LandXML and electronic data such as routes, gradients, D40, D21
  • Automated unwinding or curve section and professional presentation of the abutments (rotated orthogonally) on the drawing
  • Easily legible, structured and professional 2D or 3D drawings as a result
  • Automatic reports, such as height table in self-defined grids
  • 3D reinforcement design of the most modern and fastest kind
  • Efficient BIM tool for integration in BIM process chains
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How Do You Find out if STRAKON Is the Best BIM-CAD for Your Office?

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Three Good Reasons for This Structural Design Software for the Bridge Construction

Rapid and Efficient Project Generation - Also in a Team

A tidy and quickly learnable user interface leads to an intuitive way of working. Smart functions allow for good and clear project planning. It is also advantageous for several employees to work simultaneously in one project.

High Level of Change Convenience

The planning during construction requires constant changes. These are easy and efficient to carry out at all points in STRAKON. Models and drawings are thus adapting quickly to the new situation.

Focus on Very Good Plan Quality

In addition to a correct model, including consistent model data, STRAKON attaches great importance to clearly readable, clear and correct drawings. These are the flagship of each structural engineer and the result of their work, which is remunerated at the end.

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Hotline – Competent and Quick Help

After the start with STRAKON in your office, our experienced service hotline team will be at your disposal by telephone or e-mail. The hotline team, consisting of highly qualified architectural draftsmen, construction technicians and civil engineers, will answer your questions quickly and find solutions for your tasks.


Collaboration for Life

We are interested in walking together with you. Many conversations, user meetings, customer emails and joint meetings help both sides to develop. It is of the utmost importance that you use STRAKON to the full extent and that your office is constantly evolving.

It is of particular interest for DICAD to get in touch with you in order to receive and implement your wishes and ideas from the practice for the further development of STRAKON.

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