Modern Formwork Planning in In-Situ Concrete – Fast and Efficient

STRAKON is the tool for the formwork planning in in-situ concrete. The formwork drawing can be created with help of the CAD software STRAKON in 2D, but also 3D or via the BIM method.

The formwork drawing - the execution plan for the construction site - can be derived from the 3D model. The linestyles, pens and hatches are set automatically. This is due to the material. There are also visible edges, hidden edges or cut edges. For the floor plan, it enters an automated engineering view that represents the correct viewing direction in the drawing from the structural engineer's point of view.

Automatic Adjustment of the Schematic Plan upon Modify of the Model

Changes to the model are automatically reflected in the formwork drawing. This greatly reduces the potential for error. The dimension is also attached and changes automatically.

Are you interested in modern formwork planning in in-situ concrete with our CAD software STRAKON?

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Formwork Planning with STRAKON

Formwork planning in in-situ Concrete
Formwork planning in in-situ concrete with the CAD software STRAKON