For Which Areas Can STRAKON Be Used?

STRAKON can be used in all areas of structural design in BIM and CAD. This applies to civil engineering, bridge construction, civil engineering, structural prefabrication, semi precast part prefabrication and architecture for structural engineers.

The main theme of STRAKON is concrete construction with reinforcement design supplemented by steel construction and timber construction. With STRAKON, the structural design's tasks in the area of BIM, 3D or 2D planning can be solved.

Any components can be create in STRAKON as 3D objects. Reinforcement design takes place in a model-oriented manner in the Cube - the specially developed 3D/BIM computer core.

Plan Balcony

Reinforcement Design

Bridge Construction

Shuttering Boards Construction - Form Boards Module

Semi Precast Parts

Formwork Planning in In-Situ Concrete

Steel Construction

Plan Stair