Automatically Plan Formwork Construction for Precast Concrete Parts

The CAD software STRAKON also takes care of production planning. With the STRAKON shuttering boards module, formwork construction can be planned automatically for all precast concrete parts. The STRAKON module shuttering boards is an additional module to STRAKONpremium, the software for structural design. Structural precast concrete elements such as balconies, stairs, columns etc. are often made in wooden formwork. The STRAKON shuttering boards module allows the automated generation of the shuttering boards and the substructure. Different material grades are taken into account. Furthermore, screw and clamex connections can be planned in.

From CAD 3D Model to Formwork with Substructure

The formwork construction process initially provides for the technical office to provide a precast concrete part, e.g. a 3D balcony. This precast part can have been modeled in STRAKON, transfer from another CAD program 3D via IFC or quickly modeled from a 2D DWG/PDF drawing in STRAKON. The so-called shift board master then takes the 3D precast part and automatically creates the formwork and the substructure with manual intervention possibilities. As a result, a pictorial construction instruction is obtained as to how the shuttering boards are to be assembled later. In addition, a drawing with all shuttering boards dimensioned can be automatically generated.

The shuttering boards are now transferred to the software of a milling machine (NC-Hops, fields directly ...) by pressing a button. There the nesting (cutting optimization) takes place, also over several precast concrete parts. The 5-axis milling machine then starts automatically without having to intervene individually, since all data from the CAD have been automatically converted into machine data.

The STRAKON shuttering boards module is used in many plants with different 5-axis milling machines. Here is an overview of the manufacturers of milling machines.

Are you interested in automated formwork construction for precast concrete parts with our CAD software STRAKON?

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Form Boards Module for Shuttering Boards Construction

Shuttering boards construction formwork construction shuttering boards balcony CAD
Example: formwork for precast concrete balcony with the module shuttering boards planned

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