Stair Planning – Simple and Intuitive Planning

STRAKON specializes, among other things, in the planning of stairs. It enters within STRAKONpremium, the software for structural design, the flight module and additionally the staircase module.

Plan Flight – Stair Type, Head and Foot Design Selectable

With STRAKONpremium, flights can be scheduled parameterized via a dialog. Straight and winder flights with different head and foot configurations are taken into account. The result is a 3D model of the flight as well as dimensioned production plans for manufacturing with different views on the flight.

Plan a Staircase – Different Floors with Automated Platforms

The staircase plugin allows parametric staircase planning. Different floors are taken into account, which can each contain one-, two- or three-barrel stairs. Posts are scheduled automatically. The placement of standard components such as lifting anchors is carried out automatically. All embedded parts such as tronsols, tread protection, etc. can also be placed manually. The stair reinforcement is planned either manually or automatically, supported by the reinforcement library. If the staircase changes, the reinforcement remains connected and changes automatically.

Properties of the stair are also used automatically. For example, symbols are automatically deposited in the drawing if surfaces of the stair are to be manufactured as exposed concrete. The data export to ERP systems is also done with all data via IFC or CPIXML. For example, in addition to volumes, materials, part types, embedded parts, reinforcement, data such as transport dimensions, tread width, slope ratio, etc. are also transferred.

The result is a 3D staircase for the BIM model and additionally automated drawings at the staircase and stair run level with different views. Subsequent changes are easy to implement in the dialog-guided staircase and automatically affect the reinforcement plan of the stair as well as the 3D model.

The generated flights can be used as a basis for the STRAKON formwork module in order to automatically plan the formwork and have it produced on a 5-axis milling machine.

Are you interested in simple and intuitive stair planning with our CAD software STRAKON?

Experience in Action

Experience in Action – Formwork Construction for Stairs in STRAKON

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