Bridge Construction – Three-Dimensional Bridge Modeling

STRAKON contains the Bridge/tunnel designer with which one can design parametrically complex bridge structures 3D/BIM. The BIM planning tool for bridge and tunnel planning is included in the 3D CAD software STRAKONpremium at no extra charge.

Planning bridges is a separate field within the structural design and requires many special functions in a CAD program. STRAKON specializes, among other things, in the planning of bridges.

What matters in bridge planning?

STRAKON is able to read in 3D terrain models that have been recorded, for example, by a survey or a drone. You can also read survey points. It is very important to import routes and gradient data. These can be read in in different formats or, if required, can be regenerated in STRAKON.

The Bridge Designer allows you to plan the standard cross section via individual stations and can be modified parametrically. Cross-slopes, widenings, vouchings, etc. are also taken into account. As a result, a completely parametrically constructed bridge superstructure is obtained, which can be adapted at any time at the push of a button.

The bridge substructure can also be parametrically modeled via this bridge designer. In addition, bridge superstructures and substructures can also be planned with common STRAKON functions. Here STRAKON offers great flexibility depending on the entered position and degree of difficulty.

How do you get to the bridge plan?

Bridge plans can be automatically derived from the 3D model. Bridge-specific features are also taken into account, e.g. the substructure can be displayed on request orthogonally to the sectional plane, which does not correspond to the exact representation from the model, but is common in bridge construction. In addition, unbend cuts can be created automatically.

Does it enter data for the BIM process?

The individual bridge components such as, for example, cap, roadway, abutment, etc. also contain data. In addition, additional data can be generated individually. These data are used, for example, for labeling in the drawing. However, these data are also important for the BIM process and are included in the IFC file of the bridge that is created from STRAKON. With the modern 3D CAD software STRAKON, you are also optimally integrated into BIM processes in the field of infrastructure construction.

Are you interested in our modern CAD software STRAKON for the bridge construction?

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