3D PDF: Presenting Projects interactively

Exporting, displaying, highlighting or correcting CAD drawings individually or in stacks as PDF files - CAD users have already previously been able to do. The PDF format, after all, has become an important standard for cross-program and cross-platform exchange of documents, sketches and drawings, for releasing drawings, or for determining details, in the construction sector, the same as in all other sectors. It also makes no difference whether Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, iOS, or Android is installed as operating system. PDF documents can be displayed and printed out on every stationary PC monitor, mobile smartphone or tablet display with the same program with which the document it was created. The only prerequisite is that the Adobe Reader (or another PDF viewer), which is available in the Internet free of charge, has been preinstalled.

3D PDF can do even more...

A 3D PDF export, as offered, for example, by the design, shuttering and reinforcement planning software STRAKON 2013, provides an additional easy to handle means for distribution, presentation and coordination of 3D files. Threedimensional CAD projects can subsequently be viewed, rotated as desired, enlarged or reduced in size interactively on the PC monitor with a current Adobe Reader, beginning with version 8.1. Accordingly, the project can be checked for construction- and production-related weak spots in a very vivid manner and at a very early point of time. Complex building components can be discussed in advance internally in the office or, for example, explained to coworkers at the construction site, in production or prior to erection in an illustrative manner to help prevent misunderstandings, errors or assembly problems. If PDF files sent by email to architects, planners of building services, customers or clients or made available online via so-called virtual projection rooms, projects can be presented, discussed and questions concerning details clarified.

If the PDF document has been appropriately released, the project partners can, in addition, use the above-mentioned comment, measuring and, now, even cutting tools.

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