Speeding up the design process with STRAKON 2014

One of the highlights of the new STRAKON 2014 version is its 3D reinforcement design tool. The primary focus of the developers at software supplier DICAD was on increasing efficiency, but they also wanted to ensure continuity of the previous workflow, as well as easy input, labeling and dimensioning: For this reason, reinforcement plans such as sections, elevations, ground plans or bottom views are automatically generated as "3D views" from the three-dimensional model. When rebar is added to these views, the system recognizes the added steel as a 3D reinforcement and displays it in a three-dimensional pattern. Any clashes with embedded 3D elements or other reinforcement items become visible immediately. In the case of any change to the 3D model, all formwork and reinforcement plans are also adjusted accordingly in a fully automated manner, including dimensioning, labeling, hatching, rebar tables, lists and data for the transfer to other systems.

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