New Calculation Program for Thermal Anchors

Energy efficiency also plays a key role in building with precast concrete products. For the design of core-insulated precast double walls and sandwich walls with Schöck thermal anchors, this manufacturer of building components has developed a calculation program that is integrated into STRAKON 3D software. The drawing data recorded in STRAKON are automatically entered into the Schöck calculation software so that the required thermal anchors are calculated on the basis of their position and type. The latest software version is now available in STRAKON.

Direct design calculation with STRAKON

Architects and planners have until now widely used STRAKON to design walls for manufacture. The structural engineering of the wall then had to be recalculated with Schöck software and the results once again processed by STRAKON. With the thermal anchor software now integrated in STRAKON, engineering design can now be performed directly by STRAKON. The data of the modelled wall are now automatically transmitted to the Schöck program, and the thermal anchor is installed in the 3D wall as 3D embedded parts. In this manner, it is necessary to create only one drawing, which saves planning time.

This new method determines the arrangement and number of anchors required per square meter, based on a convenient graphic rendering of the structurally necessary thermal anchors for core-insulated double walls. Design calculation is performed automatically in accordance with official approval procedure on the basis of the geometry, the insulation material and the boundary parameters.

This calculation software makes it possible to design horizontal anchors and support anchors. Automatically for the most part, the new method takes into consideration wind forces, thermal deformation and the pressure exerted by in-situ concrete.

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