STRAKON 2021 SP1 (64 Bit) must be installed!

Download and Installation

  1. Click the STRAKON2021SP1Patch4_Revision7.exe file and the Save command.
  2. Select the directory in which you want to save the file.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click on the saved file STRAKON2021SP1Patch4_Revision7.exe and follow the installation instructions.
  5. Start STRAKON (the user data is now automatically installed).
  6. After the installation the version STRAKON premium 2021 SP1 .4.7 (64 Bit) is available in About STRAKON (menu ?)

Attention - Version Increase for Drawings!

Due to enhancements in existing functions (Cube reinforcement, bridge) and integration of new functions (unwinding section, Cube view), drawings in SP1 will be re-saved to the new version number 21.01. In the plan model, this only affects drawings that contain the aforementioned objects and all drawings in the project model. In the case of plan models, the re-saving takes place when you save the drawing.
In the case of project models, all drawings in the associated work directory are re-saved when you open the drawing. In the case of the project model, you will receive a message beforehand and can thus cancel opening the drawing and prevent the re-saving.

Drawings/project models that have been re-saved can no longer be read into STRAKON 2021 (with/without patches).


Revised themes for Patch 4

3D Modelling / Cube
  • Isolink
    • Corrections in the position and number of ties when taking reinforcements into account

3D views
  • Correct
    • Global: If the view type is changed to "Display reinforcement", the display of existing embedded parts is updated with the correct settings
  • 3D-View with section layer
    • Correct hatching of section areas
  • 3D-View with reinforcement
    • Optimisation for the representation of the main view of cube meshes carried out

Cube reinforcement
  • General
    • Changes in the generation of meshes and rebars with virtual surfaces to make corrections in the concrete covers
  • Rebar
    • Correct leg length in the rebar represenation when entering a straight and L-shaped bending shape with hook
    • Corrections in the reinforcement text of a laying field with max. delivery length and input of the quantity
    • Correct leg length and angle in the bar representation when entering a bending shape with two-sided hook (45 degrees)
  • Meshes
    • Corrections in the creation of bent meshes
    • Edits in the correction of the concrete covers of cube meshes

Projekt model
  • Project backup can be restored

Output / Interfaces / Data export
  • Print - reinforcement schedules
    • Correct quantity of design meshes in PDF file
  • Flex-Parts Components Unitechnik export
    • Corrections in the export
    • Correct export if schedule description of 3D embedded parts contains special characters

2D/3D embedded parts
  • 3D embedded parts
    • Corrections when determining subheading items with more than 2 digits
  • 2D embedded parts
    • Corrections in subheading with decimal numbers

  • Unitization - Facade
    • Consideration of negative objects in the element drawing
  • Reference views
    • World coordinates texts are transferred from the source view 1:1 into the target view
  • Editing
    • Corrections when copying exploded views
    • Corrections when pasting from 2D clipboard
  • Plan New from Library
    • Correct copying and pasting of 3D embedded parts


Revised themes for Patch 3

3D Modelling / Cube
  • Isolink
    • Corrections during insert if the supporting shell has a vertical offset to the facing shell at the lower edge.
    • Corrections when transferring the material to the calculate software.
  • Axes
    • Axes can now be edited again with the functions from "Edit - Transform".
  • View - Color
    • sdv files for data visualization can be opened even if the contained properties are not available.
  • Flex-Parts
    • The switch on/off of the property "negative object" is now remembered when exiting the sample data.
    • Dimension variables are now correctly transferred to the data container (tooltip).
    • Component edges of sloped surfaces are preserved
  • 3D embedded parts
    • Insert profile embedded parts: Deleting/entering values, e.g. for length, in the additional bar has been made faster.
    • Insert 3D embedded parts: The descriptions in the selection from project list and model list are now identical

3D views
  • 3D views with image
    • Program-internal corrections for 3D-views which were placed with a factor in the drawing.

Cube reinforcement
  • General
    • Copy: Reinforcement can now be copied again if it touches a flex component
  • Meshes
    • Free laying is created again without unnecessary butts.
    • No crash when creating a bent mesh in a section.

Projekt model
  • Shop drawing
    • Corrections when opening a drawing if the shop drawing was created from a general arrangement.
  • Virtual Steel
    • Only STRAKON objects are transferred to Virtual Steel.

  • Displays of 3D/Cube reinforcement
    • Cube-mesh are now also displayed in plan view for slightly inclined objects.

  • Unitization
    • Facade: Corrections in the support calculation.
    • Solid wall: Reinforcement is again generated according to the specifications in the element drawings.
  • Accessories – Embedded parts
    • When moving the embedded part in the plan, the internal dimension auxiliary lines no longer generate non-plotting connection circles.
    • Corrections when several users access the embedded parts project database of the work directory at the same time.
  • Open plan
    • Edits for opening plan model drawings if IFC references are missing.
    • Longer item comparison when opening/changing due to user-defined formulas and their evaluation (3D embedded parts) edited.
  • Print drawings
    • All own or modified devices are available again in the selection.

  • Cube reinforcement - Copy
    • New option Insert in Flex-Part in the additional bar


Revised themes for Patch 2

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Cube model
    • Corrections when importing scaled and moved objects in the Cube
    • Winder stairs: New switch in the stair head to keep the tread thickness also at the inner stringer
    • Stair views: Dimensions added
  • 3D views
    • The updating of the 3D views works again for models which are far away from the zero point.

  • Rebar
    • In case of an automatic quantity correction of the laying, e.g. in case of correction of cover, the quantity in the bar representation is corrected accordingly
    • Error in bar representation table of Cube rebar corrected
  • Displays of 3D/Cube reinforcement
    • Cube rebar with laying quantity+distance transfers the distance now also into the reinforcement text
    • Corrections in bar representation of joggled Cube rebar
    • Corrections when updating reinforcement in the shop drawing of project models
    • Laying field of Cube reinforcement: Error in distance (reinforcement text) of corrected joints fixed
  • Reinforcement schedules
    • Corrections in the calculation of the quantity of bent meshes
  • PXML
    • Cube rebar is now also delivered
    • Rebar (not PXML mesh) is now delivered as "free reinforcement" again

Cube Reinforcement
  • Rebar
    • The joggle width is now correctly indicated in the bar representation if the segment and main scales are different.
    • Corrections in laying fields >delivery lengths regarding 50% joint
    • Corrections in the bar represenation table of Cube rebars
  • Meshes
    • In the correction of the covers, any values are now possible.
    • The dimension of the 2nd mesh leg in the mesh representation is output correctly again.
    • Bending lines in standard meshes schedules are displayed correctly again

Project Model
  • Cube view
    • After ending a multiple dimension, you now remain in the Dimensions function
    • The datum level function can now be terminated with a right click
  • Shop drawing
    • Message added if the modification of the flex part is cancelled

  • Material administration
    • When creating new materials the second optional hatching is no longer activated automatically

Output / Interfaces / Data Export
  • Print - Reinforcement Lists
    • Steel weights are now calculated correctly again even with existing layer group
    • Mesh schedule: all bent bending shapes are now optionally output in the schedule.
  • Export IFC
    • Activated negative objects (red transparent) in the project model are also exported as negative objects.
  • Publish
    • Corrections in the function "Send drawing to output device"

  • Unitization - Facade
    • Corrections in the support calculation
  • Move section - segment
    • Program crash in a certain constellation removed
  • Open drawings
    • Edits made in position comparison of fixtures
  • Save drawings
    • Reinforcement texts with a (-character at the beginning led to error messages when saving

  • 3D embbede parts - project schedule
    • The determination of the quantity can now optionally only be done via the general arrangement (new option field in the dialogue of the project schedule).


Revised themes for Patch 1

3D Modeling / Cube
  • 3D view:
    • Edges of partial/full circles are now drawn with the set pens again.
    • Extrude areas: Modifications in the function, e.g. "Cling to layer".
    • Crash when updating views with 3D meshes has been fixed.
    • Marking lines of embedded parts labeling can be turned off again.

Cube Reinforcement
  • Rebar
    • Individual shape: for stirrups with different concrete covers, the concrete covers of the hooks are now executed correctly.
    • Hook lengths: The lengths are again displayed with the correct lengths in the bar representation.

  • Displays of 3D/Cube reinforcement: No new query for reinforcement when the drawing is saved with model references under a new name.
  • PXML: The export PXML now also works for design meshes only.

  • "Type" schedule for the drawing: Individual and total weights are again in the correct columns.

Project Model
  • Cube view: After editing a Cube view, the Cube (bottom left) and the info text (top left) are shown again in the Cube Window.
  • 3D embedded parts no longer lose their item number. Schedule is now filled again or can be filed again.
  • CPIXML: Now possible again when publishing, saving drawings or via the File > Interfaces menu.
  • Shop drawings: Views can now be created directly without closing the Cube first.
  • BCF: Import of issues possible that do not have an index, type or status entry.

Output / Interfaces / Data Export
  • Printer setup: You can access the settings of the Windows printers again if "cwindrv/windrv" is selected.
  • Export IFC/CPIXML: Data for an ERP system is now no longer created in the "external-properties" directory.

New features in STRAKON 2021 SP1

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Start - Unwinding section: Export of an unwinding section, e.g. for noise barriers, as a 3D view in the drawing.
  • Start - Reset section: After a section definition, all objects that have been cut away are displayed again. The viewing direction and the zoom section are retained.
  • Name of the active project layer and the active submodel (project model) are displayed as info in the top left corner of the Cube Window.
  • Extrude areas: Individual area/input of a fixed extrusion value for proportional extrusions.
  • Insert 3D embedded parts/Flex-Part optional with height reference (building/story) and automatic rotation
  • Insert IFC files from with optional save as flex or 3D embedded parts
  • BCF: Own tab with BCF functions in the menu ribbon
  • Wall: Cross butt is now only created if one goes completely through the other wall, otherwise a T-butt is executed.

Cube Reinforcement
  • General
    • Group display: alternative display of meshes on/off, colored rebar display (depending on diameter) on/off
    • Copy from Flex-Part to Flex-Part
    • PXML export (Cube) of Cube reinforcement
  • Rebar
    • Bending shape or laying via "Edit rebar" joggle on one/both sides
    • Individual bending shape bend up/down during input
    • Create free laying field with standard bending shapes, optionally connected
    • Laying with fixed quantity/distance from laying start or laying center
    • Reinforcement of round components (cylinder, polygonal on objects with rounded corners, etc.)
  • Meshes
    • Input of bending shape of meshes now also possible in a section, e.g. bent meshes in a flight of stairs.
    • Define free non-connected laying field

Bridge/Tunnel Designer
  • Various edits e.g. some functions combined/moved, and as a new feature the horizontal alignment curve

3D Embedded Parts
  • Various 3D embedded parts of the manufacturer PHILIPP are installed with the Service Pack (%strakon%\elements-bip)

Flex-Parts Components
  • Administration - Flex-Parts: Mark Flex-Parts not used in project
  • Edit Flex-Part: Dialog-controlled placement of Schöck Isolink for sandwich walls

Project Model

In STRAKON there is since version 2021 a new method concerning project structuring of a 3D model. In addition to the "plan model", editing is now also possible in the "project model". The Service Pack 1 now provides some improvements that had been noticed in the practical use of the project model. Before you basically switch from the "plan model" to the "project model" method, you should go through the in-house processes in a small sample project to ensure a smooth workflow. If this is the case, you can take advantage of the "project model method".

  • Publish: All exports possible except KON file
  • Save submodels as
  • Create, restore, delete project backup
  • Shop drawing - Cube:
    • The title bar now displays the name of the Flex-Part.
    • Function "Center of gravity" and "Dimensions" now available
    • After changing and closing the Cube component, the prompt for saving the change in the Flex-Part appears
  • General arrangement: Cube views with dimensions and datums

    The Cube views introduce a new possibility of plan generation. Here, the Cube views will have to develop in the near future. In SP1 of the STRAKON version 2021 you can now use the first state of the Cube views.

    Already now there are these advantages: Cube views, which are already assigned a scale, can be used to prepare the 3D view of a drawing already, without the drawing having to be created. This saves you from constantly changing the drawing and you stay in the project model of the Cube. Furthermore, you can dimension the Cube views. This dimensioning can be displayed in the 3D model, so that you have a better orientation in the model. Furthermore, datums (also floor plan datums) can be entered in Cube views, which automatically detect and display their height. The entire dimensioning is then transferred to the drawing when it is exported to the 3D view, so that you can use the dimensioning in the model for the drawing at the same time. Another advantage of a Cube view is that you can also edit the model in a floor plan view (e.g. move windows).

    In future STRAKON versions the Cube views will be extended by several functions like hatchings, linestyles, labelings etc.

Outputs / Interfaces / Data Export
  • Export DWG: Link to the selected plot pen table is written to the DWG file.
  • IFC import/export: further edits e.g. export negative objects, import sweeps as sweeps etc.
  • Publish:
    • DWG export optionally as DWG package (eTransmit).
    • Output "paper" now optionally with reduction factor

  • You can save drawings from a drawing model to a project model via "Save as" and automatically convert them to this model type. Depending on the 3D plan type (shop drawing/general arrangement), a corresponding message appears with important information. Pure 2D drawings are converted without message.
  • KON file of a project model drawing can only be opened in a project model work directory.
  • Material administration: Optionally a second hatching can be defined per material and scale range.
  • Settings Unitization for data export (Unitechnik)
    • Optional cutting of the element outer edge, if an embedded part lies on the outer edge, as well as determination of the line attribute of this partial edge.
    • Determination of the line attribute for special formwork


Revised themes for Patch 4

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Multi-layer profiles can be fragmented back into the individual objects after edits.
  • Stairs can be created and saved again in the Polish STRAKON version.
  • Negative objects affect only objects in the correct project layers.
  • Saved data visualization files *.sdv can be opened again.

3D Views
  • Modifications in the display of hidden lines and view hatching
  • Modifications in dimension binding of views
  • Crash when dropping views with model references from Virtual Steel has been fixed.

Stair Views
  • The interior winding of a winder stair can be added as a stair view.
  • Dimensions have been added to the outer winding.
  • Correct creation of views with dimensions

  • Cube meshes:
    • Modifications for the representation of the meshes in the 3D views
    • Modifications in laying
    • Concrete covers of meshes in flights can be corrected again.
  • Rebars: Corrections of quantity in bar representation after modifications of leg lengths and quantity.

Project Model
  • Drawings can now be saved to a new work directory without loss.
  • Modifications of reinforcement queries in the 3D views when the Cube is open.
  • When you "Save as" the shop drawing, the new Flex-Part with the same name is immediately saved in the drawing.
  • Modifications in the reinforcement display of variable bending shapes in the 3D views
  • The switch position on/off of the project layers are remembered when changing drawings or restarting.
  • Cube reinforcement is now no longer deleted when changing drawings.
  • Items of embedded parts in the Cube and drawings were mixed up by patch 3. This has been corrected.

Outputs / Interfaces / Data Export
  • Print: Images in a 3D view are printed back to the PDF file.
  • IFC Import:
    • Sweep objects are now imported as sweep objects.
    • Round or rounded objects are imported as round or rounded.

  • Modifications when importing drawings with reference views
  • Embedded parts: The next free position number is used for embedded parts.
  • Edit: Modifications in the "Copy section" function with mirroring about an axis
  • Unitization: The content of the element drawing is written to the PDF file in the correct position.
  • Settings - Master data - Save as: All entries are saved.


Revised themes for Patch 3

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Stairs:
    • Added joint option at blunt foot for dimensioning in the outer development.
    • The calculation of the treads in the winder stairs has been adjusted.
    • Messages within the dialog and during the calculation activated again
  • Stair views: The view "Development outer" does not change the default settings anymore.
  • Axes:
    • Axes that are in a different z-height are now also displayed in the views.
    • Settings and texts before the axis designation are now saved.
  • Insert 3D embedded part: The definition of main and sub-items works again.
  • 3D embedded parts that are inserted in the Cube of the shop drawing (drawing model) are now also listed correctly in the project schedule.

3D Views
  • Corrections for views with image that were stored rotated.
  • The labeling of the embedded parts is now preserved when the image is switched on in the view.
  • Now a warning message appears when the source view of derived views (New section) are deleted.
  • View with reinforcement: Improvement in updating the views.
  • View with reinforcement: corrections in the display of u shaped rebar

  • Cube meshes:
    • Improvement in reading of placements with round recesses.
    • Corrections in the mesh display when the connection was made to a negative object.
    • Correct laying of transversely bent meshes
    • Correct laying of meshes (ceiling heel)
  • Meshes: The "Close gaps" function now also works for Cube meshes.
  • Rebar: Various corrections in the distorted display of the bar representations

Project Model
  • Cube:
    • When "Saving as" as ifc file, all visible objects and also the 3D reinforcement are now saved.
    • When "saving as" a model reference (*.smr), the entire model including the project structure is now saved.
    • The project structure of an imported ifc file is now adopted.
    • Objects from non-editable partial models can now no longer be assigned to the active partial model.
    • New: "Save partial model as".
  • Correct CPIXML and IFC output from the shop drawing
  • 3D embedded parts are correctly displayed in the embedded parts schedule.

Outputs / Interfaces / Data Exports
  • Flex-Parts Unitechnik output:
    • Embedded parts are now also exported.
    • Correct output of Flex-Parts with protruding embedded parts.
  • CPI output with bent meshes now possible
  • Reinforcement schedules: Corrections in the output of Cube mesh data

  • Performance improvements when reading and changing drawings
  • Drawing administration: drawings from drawing model work directory can no longer be copied and read into project model work directory.
  • Error when reading various drawings from STRAKON 2019 fixed.
  • When installing the full version, all workstation-related reinforcement settings are applied.


Revised themes for Patch 2

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Inserted 2D graphics with circular arcs are correctly resolved in the Cube.
  • Stairway: Crash when closing the dialogue by clicking on OK eliminated.

  • 3D-/Cube-reinforcement representations:
    • Cube meshes: Manually moved item texts keep their position even after updating the views.
    • Cube meshes: The mesh representations of the (bent) meshes now output the real length.
    • Cube meshes: For the bent meshes, the longitudinal bars in the mesh representation are now displayed on the correct side.
    • Cube meshes: Error in the display of the meshes MV corrected.
    • Cube meshes: Correction in the rounding of the dimension values for the item comparison.
    • Cube meshes: Main views with different angle of rotation are queried only once.
    • Cube meshes: Layings of Cube meshes are now also displayed in 3D views if the meshes are not viewed orthogonally.
    • Reinforcement text: The setting of the function "Overlain" is now remembered.
  • Rebar
    • Transfer of the additional texts in the bar representation is offered correctly again.
  • Meshes
    • The mesh representation of a bent Cube mesh can now also be generated via the function "MR polygon".

Outputs / Interfaces / Data Exports
  • Unitechnik:
    • Data file for bauBIT is generated correctly again.
    • Unitization: Unitechnik file is generated correctly again for continuous openings.
  • CPIXML: Variables in the embedded part schedule description are now transferred expanded.
  • Print: Formatted texts, among others also labels of objects/Flex-/embedded parts, which are centred or aligned to the right, are no longer output shifted to HPGL.

  • Improved performance when changing drawings with many Flex and embedded parts.
  • Read segment / STRAKON 2D clipboard: Crash during insertion, if Cube reinforcement is included, eliminated. Cube reinforcement is no longer considered for these functions.
  • Drawings from STRAKON 2020 that contain orthogonal axes in the Cube in one direction only can be read again.

Project Model
  • 3D-/Cube-reinforcement representations: 3D reinforcement is now displayed in the 3D views.
  • Cube: When editing Flex-Parts, the objects of the non-active submodels are now also displayed.
  • Shop drawing: The use of the drawing text variable !FLEX is now possible.
  • Reinforcement schedules: The correct total number of several identical reinforcement items is now also recorded via different part models.


Revised themes for Patch 1

3D Modeling / Cube
  • Cube axes: Alignment of the labeling of the radial axes has been corrected.
  • Stairway:
    • Walls on negative level keep their level when taken over as Flex-Parts.
    • All points of the individual components are snapped again.

3D Views
  • Images from the Cube can be corrected again.

  • Reinforcement: Leg texts on bar representation are retained when the drawing is saved.
  • When updating the bar representation of 3-dimensional Cube rebar, the mandrel diameter dimensions are retained.
  • Cube reinforcement:
    • Rebar: The concrete cover of a laying field can be corrected on all sides.
    • Meshes: Newly created design meshes can be installed in the Cube.
  • Displays of 3D/Cube reinforcement:
    • Cube meshes main views can now be filed as standard or rounded out representations.
    • The item numbers of Cube meshes main views are now updated correctly.
    • Rebar and meshes representations that do not have a main or secondary view are now preserved.
    • Cube meshes from STRAKON 2020 are now displayed when opening the drawings in STRAKON 2021.
    • Cube rebar >Delivery length: When updating the display, the rebar spacing remains in the reinforcement text.

Outputs / Interfaces / Data Exports
  • IFC export: Crash when creating an ifc file eliminated.
  • Printer setup: The pre-text for the driver favorite list has been corrected.
  • Output Gesys: The output of unitization drawings works again.
  • Bending schedules: Mandrel diameter dimensions of 1:1 bar representations (Cube rebar, planar creation) are transferred to the schedule.

  • Accessories: Program crash when installing older external files fixed.
  • Item drawing: Additional texts are now retained when copying items.
  • Note text in the empty drawing Cube content contains the info of the model type: project model drawing or drawing model drawing.
  • Drawing with defective axes in the Cube: Program crash eliminated.
  • The issue of connection between partial model (Cube reinforcement) and drawing (views with displays of Cube reinforcement) has been improved.
  • For work directories on USB media (stick/hard disk), the Cube content is now displayed correctly.