Overview and Element Planning: Less Working Time, more Profit

Saving time is the issue of the present days. It is not only important to be able to issue planning documents quickly. But, as amendments are permanently made, it is equally important to be able to make corrections quickly. This is possible now with STRAKON 2012 of Dicad. The medium-sized Cologne-based software provider even claims that using STRAKON 2012 requires just half the usual working time.

STRAKON is a drawing-oriented 2-D tool for formwork and reinforcement planning that was extended by a 3-D planning tool some years ago. Thus, the new STRAKON allows 2-D and 3-D planning or a combination of 2-D and 3-D planning.

Quicker data entry

This CAD system serves all activities in structural engineering in the field of civil engineering, building construction and precast construction. The working time required can be cut to half owing to quicker data entry and correction options during the project planning process.

Due to the "Quick Box" providing quick access to all parameterized functions, STRAKON 2012 allows saving up to 90% of the clicks. The extended variety of applying "SmartClicks" results in an equally quicker data entry. By using "pointer commands" (mouse movements) it is possible to reduce the number of clicks by an additional 50% and to save working time.

The automated reinforcement installation with preview using the "AdHoc reinforcement" with reinforcing bars and steel mesh, a great number of new entries as well as new correction options for reinforcement planning are part of the most important further developed features in terms of saving time.

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