Cube Reinforcement – the New Generation of BIM Reinforcement Design

Can good things get even better? STRAKON has been famous for decades for its excellent possibilities in reinforcement design. We at DICAD have used this knowledge to develop an even better reinforcement tool.

With STRAKON 2020 a new chapter in 3D-BIM reinforcement design has been opened. The completely newly developed cube reinforcement reaches a new dimension and allows even faster planning of bars and meshes directly in the 3D/BIM model.

See for yourself some possibilities of the new Cube reinforcement in this video:

Video BIM CAD Reinforcement Planning 3D
Video BIM CAD Reinforcement Planning 3D

But we are not finished yet! We are currently in full development and still have a number of ideas that we will implement in the coming months to bring the cube reinforcement in STRAKON 2021 (in December 2020) to an even higher level.

The three reinforcement options in STRAKON – 2D reinforcement – 3D reinforcement – cube reinforcement - can be combined with each other without any effort and thus allow an individual and flexible working method.
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