STRAKON – the BIM-CAD for Structural Planners for all Areas of Planning Work!

Every year DICAD, the building software house from Cologne, develops the BIM-CAD "STRAKON" for structural planners extensively.

The customers are expected to do a lot, as every year at's new, a lot of improvements are made available for the daily work in the structural design. In order to make it as easy as possible for STRAKON users, new processes and possibilities are presented in an online user meeting. This is enthusiastically embraced by more than 3,000 people every year.

3D reinforcement design

The cooperation with the customers, the "ear" on the practice and the extremely fast implementation of customer wishes have made STRAKON mature into the leading BIM-CAD for structural planners. Bridge builders can use the free-of-charge integrated bridge/tunnel designer to plan parametrically complex bridges, from design to execution. Structural and industrial planners can work on a wide variety of projects with STRAKON in a quick and highly level manner. STRAKON also makes it easy to make an excursion into architectural planning. Many customers are planning projects in civil engineering, where STRAKON is also characterized by very flexible modeling tools. The other part of the STRAKON customer base is concerned, among other things, with the structural prefabricated construction. Here STRAKON is the leading CAD on the market. In the field of semi-finished parts, STRAKON has developed through the know-how of bauBIT into one of the most modern and fastest tools for the automated planning of slabs and walls. The control of production processes within the framework of Industry 4.0 can also be easily implemented with this tool. These include mat welding machines, automatic bending machines, formwork milling machines, laser/beamer/VR, circulation systems, 3D printers, ERP data exchange, etc.

As a real BIM tool, STRAKON is in the middle of the BIM process of structural design and actively supports the user in BIM projects. This goes far beyond the mere exchange via IFC by connecting to BIM collaboration platforms such as BIMcollab, to BIM databases such as, with a variety of manufacturer embedded parts in STRAKON format or the exchange with static programs.

The specially developed 3D computer core as well as the completely newly developed Cube reinforcement for direct input into the 3D model make STRAKON the most modern tool in the field of CAD for structural planners. Finally, the competent hotline team, with short response times and timely feedback, completes the appearance and corporate and product philosophy of DICAD. STRAKON users and DICAD employees work closely together to shape the future of outstanding BIM CAD software!

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