New Industry Solution for Semi Precast Parts "On the Street"!

Since December 2022, the new industry solution for planning and producing semi precast parts from DICAD has been in practical use.

What Is the Background?

With its CAD solution, bauBIT from Austria has set the standard for planning semi precast parts in the industry in terms of speed. With the acquisition of bauBIT by DICAD, this know-how was transfer in STRAKON. STRAKON is the modern CAD for structural engineers with a newly developed 3D computing core for high, engineering, deep and prefabrication. With its new programming in the field of semi-finished parts, DICAD completes its portfolio in terms of CAD for structural engineers. The basis for the new development was the transfer of the know-how of bauBIT, the focus on simple operation and the orientation to speed during planning.

CAD planning of double walls, floor slabs, balcony and stair
CAD planning of double walls, floor slabs, balcony and stair in one model

What Products Can Now Be Replanned With This Solution?

In addition to structural precast parts that are already planned with STRAKON in most prefabrication plants, you can now also process products from the semi precast part prefabrication sector. This refers to element and solid slabs as well as double, solid and isowalls. Furthermore, the transport planning or Batch scheduling and pallet allocation for production scheduling integrated. A connection to ERP and production are also standard.

Is Anyone Planning on Using the New Possibilities in STRAKON in the Field of Semi Precast Part Prefabrication?

Since 2022, the first prefabricated factories have been working with this new solution in practice and have gained good experience. This applies to works that have planned with a wide variety of CAD systems in the past. The modern structure and the speed and ease of operation of the semi-finished modules in STRAKON were convincing. The control of the production also proceeds without problems, since in this area the structures of bauBIT are used, which have already proven themselves for decades. The same applies to the interplay with the ERP systems in the industry.

What Does the New DICAD Semi Precast Part Solution Mean for the Industry?

The semi-finished parts sector is benefiting overall from this development. Sooner or later, bauBIT alone would not have been continued. DICAD's acquisition and new development ensures that it will continue to enter software for the fastest semi precast part design, which is easy to use and enhanced with lots of innovations. On the other hand, this will also have an impact on the price development in the CAD market by increasing competition, so that excellent software can be purchased at reasonable prices in the future as well.

CAD semi precast parts planning
CAD semi precast part planning with assembly support
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