State of the Art CAD for Structural Engineers from DICAD – STRAKON 2024

How do you determine whether a CAD system will slow down or accompany your office into the future?
Questions to ask include the following:

  • Is the CAD system constantly being developed by a larger team of developers?
  • Is the system based on a new 3D core with current programming languages?
  • Is the system oriented to the tasks in practice?
  • Are the wishes of customers and interested parties taken seriously and reflected in new program versions?
  • Is the CAD system constantly adapting to the automation and digitalization of the industry?
  • Can 3D/BIM projects be designed with this system with all requirements for models, data, certificates and communication?
  • Can all the tasks from the structural design be handled by this system, such as structural engineering, bridge construction, structural and semi-finished construction with production control, civil engineering, architecture for structural engineers, various materials such as concrete, steel, timber, masonry?
  • Are the tasks with this CAD software fast, technically correct and machinable with a very good plano optics?
  • Does the CAD system manufacturer actively support you during the software changeover?
  • Does the software manufacturer offer competent and quick hotline advice from qualified specialists?
  • Is the software provider positioned in such a way that the company can continue successfully over the next generations?

You can answer all questions with "Yes" if you have used STRAKON from DICAD!

State-of-the-Art Reinforcement Design

With the new features in STRAKON 2024, DICAD has responded to the wishes of the users as usual. In the field of reinforcement design, the newly developed Cube reinforcement convinces not only STRAKON users. The intuitive input allows a very quick reinforcement design even for complex components directly in the 3D model. The design of rebars and meshes is graphically supported in the 3D model in such a way that a very good overview of the practicability of the design is quickly obtained. As a result of the progressive automation in reinforcement design, e.g. by mat welding systems, STRAKON 2024 provides a wide range of functionalities in order to provide professional and rapidly generated data for such systems.

Intuitive 3D Planning in a Team for Different Construction Projects

Further development of STRAKON focused on editing functions for 3D model planning. STRAKON 2024 also shows an improved way of working simultaneously in a team on a project with several employees. Processing large and small projects in high, engineering and bridge construction in a 3D model is not only efficient, but also fun.

Digitally Plan BIM Projects with CAD

The topic of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is now in the structural design. Many offices process orders in which the client prescribes BIM. This takes place in different detail. However, more and more "real" BIM projects are being processed, in which not only 3D models are exchanged, but also the data are taken into account in the models. STRAKON 2024 provides the optimum data management for this purpose, so that the requirements from AIAs (customer information requirements) can be met specifically with regard to BIM.

Prefabrication in All Facets

The issue of prefabrication is also developing rapidly at STRAKON. Planning processes were further optimized during the structural prefabrication, so that the planning of structural precast parts in STRAKON 2024 has accelerated even more. Furthermore, the planning of semi precast parts in STRAKON 2024 has reached a high level. This concerns the products double wall, solid wall, isowall and floor slab, which are causing a stir in the industry in STRAKON 2024.

CAD facade planning
CAD facade planning with STRAKON 2024
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BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. This planning process focuses in particular on cost security, adherence to schedules, quality improvement and sustainability.

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